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Interview with Bremont Luxury Watch Creator Nick English

bremont luxury watches.jpgBremont Luxury Watches are synonymous with style, expert design, precision with an air of robustness that gives the feeling of true British grit right across the range of the Bremont aviation-inspired timepieces. JewelCrowd.com had the opportunity to talk to Nick English, one of the two brothers who created Bremont Luxury Watches. 

bremont watch Nick English

We asked him about the fascinating story of how this relatively young luxury watch brand have not only succeeded in entering the world of luxury time pieces but succeeded in becoming one of the top luxury watch brands in the world today.

What was it that inspired you both decide to create a luxury British watch brand?

It was undoubtedly a passion passed down to my brother, Giles, and myself from our father.  It was the love of all things mechanical having spent our informative years in his workshop with him.  He was an aeronautical engineer and just loved making things and had a huge appreciation for anything that was beautifully engineered. Planes, boat and cars were all passions of his, as were of course, mechanical clocks and watches.

Bremont watches are designed and manufactured in Britain- is this a deliberate choice, as watch making in Britain since the world wars had become almost nonexistent? 

Absolutely.  There is the most incredible history of British watch making in this country.  If you take any mechanical watch out there, it is likely that 60% or more of the innovation in that wrist watch came from British shores. At Bremont, we are passionate about bringing back as much mechanical watch manufacture to the UK as we can.  We have had a sustained investment programme in staff training and machinery over the years and this is something we are immensely proud of.

Your background is aviation, is this still the main inspiration for your watches?

It certainly plays a big part in the DNA of the watch design.  We have lived and breathed aviation since we were tiny, and this love has undoubtedly shown itself clearly in the watch designs.  Especially when it comes to legibility, dedication to accuracy and of course robustness.

Bremont is still a relatively new luxury watch brand, but is already world renowned and easily on a par with the other well-known luxury watch brands - can you pass any insights over for your success?

That is very kind of you to say so.  I think the old adage of having a product you feel is not just right, but striving for perfection, co

mbined with a real unabashed passion to help it to market really helps.  We wanted any very experienced watch maker to be able to take the back off a Bremont watch, without knowing the brand and say, 'wow, that's a very lovely watch.'


You have joined forces with other exciting innovative brands in the past such as Boeing, and Jaguar have these collaborations helped secure the Bremont brand on the world stage? And who, if anyone would you like to work with next?

If they are bang on brand they can certainly help get your message out there on an international stage.  The watch buying public are not stupid, and any partnership you have needs to have real substance and longevity if possible.  I think as a brand we are happy with our partnerships currently.  If you engage with too many there is also a danger of diluting the brand.

2017, the year of the Brexit. Changes are afoot in the UK- what does this mean for Bremont and what would you say to other people who are interested in horology but who are worried about entering it at this stage?

I wish I had a crystal ball!  Obviously, uncertainty for anyone is not great, especially in the luxury watch market.  The biggest effect on Bremont has probably been the disparity in exchange rates - in particular the US Dollar to Sterling.  Whilst parts have become more expensive in some cases, the positive flip-side today with the weakened pound is that watches suddenly seem very good value in the U.K.  This is certainly good for watch fans visiting London, for example, from abroad.  My advice would be don't panic, there will end up being positives and negatives from Brexit over her years, and hopefully they will balance each other out.

Bremont currently has four boutique stores - do you plan on opening any more in 2017?bremont watches

No plan to right now.

What's next for Bremont watches? 

Continued material investment in watch manufacturing in the U.K.  We have been working on a British movement now for not far off three years, this obviously requires much time and energy, and will continue to do so. A new manufacturing facility is also on the cards, so watch this space!

And finally. With the gift of hindsight, if you could give yourselves any advice back when you started out on your journey into luxury watch making what would it be? 

Focus even more on your home market.  If you get this right, it becomes a wonderful engine room for growth elsewhere around the world.

For more information and to see the current range of Bremont Watches visit www.bremont.com

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