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Exclusive Interview with CarterGore founder Gary Carter

CarterGore jewellery is taking the jewellery world by storm. This incredibly on trend British collection of solid silver jewellery has managed to do what so many other jewellery designers and brands are desperately trying to do – capture the imagination of the consumer. In such a swift about of time – less than a year, CarterGore jewellery creations are popping up everywhere. 

cartergore photo.jpg

They are talked about, tweeted about and instragrammed on a daily basis.

We spoke to Gary Carter – the creator, designer and co-founder of CarterGore, to delve deeper into just how he has managed to create such a unique and on trend brand, who’s followers are feverishly waiting to see what designs he will create next.


How would you describe your jewellery?

CarterGore’s jewellery is definitely unique but I feel it’s so much more than that. Our pieces have a level of honesty, authenticity and purity to them and that is why they have been so popular so far.

Once people start exploring the range currently on the market, they just seem to fall in love with it, as the detail and intricacy of each piece takes their breath away.

How did you become a jewellery designer and creator?

CarterGore image.jpg

I have been making jewellery all my life. Even when building up large creative companies, I have made jewellery in my down time. I find it so balancing and a great way to stay grounded.

As a massive jewellery fan and a collector himself, my father was a huge influence on me, so from a very young age I was always been surrounded by beautiful pieces of jewellery. I guess this is where it all started and I have him to thank. 

There is something special about seeing the smile and look of excitement when someone picks up a piece of jewellery for the first time like I did as a child, and that is what I am searching for on a daily basis at CarterGore.

Do you both design and create all your pieces for Carter Gore?cartergore 2-1.jpg

CarterGore is 100% me, I design and make every single piece that we create and I am absolutely loving it!

What’s your creative process? Do you start with a drawing, a doodle or by modelling?

My first collection, Tattoo Candy, was initially commission based and it is this creative process that still runs true today. Each statement piece in the collection, started life as a commission for someone. The response we received was so great, we developed some signature pieces such as the sugar skulls that become Tattoo Candy. Interestingly our bestsellers still seem to be my original designs.

When creating a new piece, I always start with research as our current range has iconic roots set firmly in tattoo culture, it is important for me to spend some time getting to heart of the piece.

cartergore masterpiece.jpg

I look for authentic tattoo designs and trends that I can then strip back to their basic form and rebuild in my own unique style.

All of my designs are hand drawn in order for me to stay true to my inspiration of being an authentic designer. After all, tattoos are hand drawn pieces of art so I believe my pieces of jewellery should be too!

Once I have the design conceptually there, I produce a final hand drawn illustration which is scanned into the laser software and after that we are ready to go. 

You have chosen silver as your leading material - is this a design choice or a simple love of silver as a medium? Or is it to appeal to a certain audience?

cartergore model pretty.jpg

Surprisingly we do quite a lot of 9kt and 18kt pieces as bespoke commissions. We have been listening to our customers and we are now actually looking to add 9kt gold pieces to our range within the next six months.

We chose sterling silver to launch our brand to mostly make the range more accessible. Sterling silver seems to be the hottest trend at the moment but it also reduced the initial launch investment costs, so it was a no-brainer.

Where do you look for inspiration?

cartergore 1.jpgInspiration is everywhere these days and with the joys of  internet, it's so accessible. When I have an idea, I jump straight on my iPad or phone and see what's hot on the market at the moment and what grabs my attention.

I love platforms like Google, Instagram and Pinterest and if I like what I see on those platforms, I get out there and experience it for myself.

The design pattern on your jewelry pieces are incredibly detailed and intricate- how is this created?

cartetgore jewellery.jpg

I hand draw all the designs out in a larger scale, before they are then digitalised and etched using the latest technology in laser cutting. Doing it this way round means that we can scale them to almost any size that we want and gives us the versatility to create the same design as a tiny earring or as a large pendant.

The key for me is that CarterGore pieces don't look machine made, and we ensure this isn’t the case during our finishing process. By using the old school polishing mope, there is a real hand-crafted feel to all of our work, which makes CarterGore’s pieces so incredibly unique.

cartergore design.jpg

Photo Credits: www.cartergore.com

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