Inspirational Advice from Within the Jewellery Industry
interview with arabel lebrusán - the fairtrade, fairmined fine jewellery designer and creator
Leaders - November 15, 2017

Interview with Arabel Lebrusán - the Fairtrade, Fairmined Fine Jewellery Designer and Creator

 In the past, fairtrade products have been viewed more as hippy, shabby chic, but this trend has passed, today’s consumer wants ethical products created with high precision and expert style.
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interview with ceo sean gilbertson
Leaders - November 14, 2017

Interview with CEO Sean Gilbertson

Pallinghurst Resources took over Fabergé’s parent company Gemfields earlier this year – what advantages does this bring the company? Firstly, it means that the ownership of both Gemfields and Fabergé is now simplified. Fabergé has since January 2013 had only one owner: Gemfields plc. 
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the story of a cad designer - elizabeth edge
Leaders - August 18, 2017

The Story of a CAD Designer - Elizabeth Edge

 Meet Elizabeth Edge, she’s a CAD designer. CAD design is swiftly becoming an integral part of the watch a jewellery industry as 3 dimensional models are so much easier to understand than a 2D drawing on paper or even on screen. CAD design should reduce the need for changes in the final product as the customer can make final changes to the 3D design they are presented with.
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exclusive interview with cartergore founder gary carter
Leaders - July 24, 2017

Exclusive Interview with CarterGore founder Gary Carter

CarterGore jewellery is taking the jewellery world by storm. This incredibly on trend British collection of solid silver jewellery has managed to do what so many other jewellery designers and brands are desperately trying to do – capture the imagination of the consumer. In such a swift about of time – less than a year, CarterGore jewellery creations are popping up everywhere. 
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exclusive interview with tom heyman
Leaders - July 21, 2017

Exclusive Interview with Tom Heyman

Oscar Heyman, the jeweller's jeweller, is renowned throughout the world for producing exquisite, unique fine jewellery, using only the finest coloured gemstones. Oscar Heyman, over its 105 year existence has managed to cultivate and amass a loyal worldwide following over generations. We spoke to Tom Heyman to quiz him about how Oscar Heyman has managed to stay on top for so long. 
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exclusive interview with niall luxury watch creator michael wilson
Leaders - July 7, 2017

Exclusive Interview with NIALL Luxury Watch Creator Michael Wilson

NIALL watches are the new kid on the block for luxury timepieces, made entirely in Kansas City, America. Don’t be lured into thinking that because this brand doesn’t have 100 years of horology already in its back pocket it lacks enough experience to create luxury time pieces to take on the big names.
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interview with bremont luxury watch creator nick english
Leaders - June 30, 2017

Interview with Bremont Luxury Watch Creator Nick English

Bremont Luxury Watches are synonymous with style, expert design, precision with an air of robustness that gives the feeling of true British grit right across the range of the Bremont aviation-inspired timepieces. JewelCrowd.com had the opportunity to talk to Nick English, one of the two brothers who created Bremont Luxury Watches. 
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hannah bedford jewellery - exclusive interview
Leaders - March 23, 2017

Hannah Bedford Jewellery - Exclusive Interview

There is something deliciously tactile about Hannah Bedford’s contemporary fine jewellery, that you can't help but want to get a closer look. So when a few weeks ago, Hannah Bedford took to twitter to announce that her company had become a Fairtrade Foundation registered jeweller, naturally we wanted to quiz about her fine jewellery.
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the camden watch company interview
Leaders - March 2, 2017

The Camden Watch Company Interview

If you are about to launch your own watch company or even a jewellery range, following the lead of Anneke and Jerome, the creators behind The Camden Watch Company will surely steer you in the right direction.
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