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Inside Track

Guides to Help You Succeed in the Jewellery Industry
unique engagement and wedding rings to inspire you
Inside Track - November 21, 2017

Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings to Inspire You

Earlier this year Jewelcrowd.com wrote a piece about choosing an engagement ring for a man – where the buyer is thankfully not yet tied to social norms or conforming to what society says it must adhere to. Instead when buying an engagement or wedding ring for a man it entirely comes down to personality and finding the right piece that will match that personality.
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the buyer’s experience of custom-made engagement rings
Inside Track - November 21, 2017

The Buyer’s Experience of Custom-made Engagement Rings

Bespoke, personalised, original, one-off, unique – made to order, whatever synonym the customer chooses to use, they all mean the same thing, they want to buy a ring that doesn’t exist yet, and fingers crossed you are the jeweller to make it for them.
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gaining customer confidence when selling gemstone jewellery
Inside Track - September 21, 2016

Gaining Customer Confidence when Selling Gemstone Jewellery

Understand What You're Selling  A lack of knowledge will lose you a sale. Especially when it comes to selling coloured gemstone jewellery,  which is why so many jewellers opt for selling white diamonds, or cheaper gemstones where the price wins the day, or the customer thinks they're safe with a diamond. We need gemstone knowledge to give our customers confidence.
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