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How to Close a Sale with Military Precision

Every sales person has their own technique - soft sell, hard sell, getting to know the customer, becoming your customers friend and confidant; all are valid approaches as long as they land that all important sale and encourages brand loyalty for your jewellery or watches from your customer. 

Many successful sales people will be able to identify quickly what type of sales approach each customer requires, as all customers are as individual as your jewellery designs.

So, we have amalgamated the top selling techniques that you can use across the range of customers so that you can close that jewellery sale with military precision.

1 - Silence. This is absolutely the number one successful way of closing a sale. Once you have the customer ready to make a decision, assume that they will buy and ask them, 'shall I wrap this up for you?' Then silence. Don’t make hand gestures, move away, just stand there. Count to 100 in your head. Yes, time will slow down, you will feel uncomfortable at first, but trust us, no matter what you are selling, this will help close that sale for you.

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2 - Overcome objections. You or your salespeople know your jewellery inside out. Before you speak to a single customer think of all the reasons why they might not want to buy your piece of jewellery, and overcome every single objection. Don’t get into an argument about objections, rather answer each objection with a positive answer.

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3 - Be nice about your competition. You are not the only jewellery shop or jewellery designer, so unfortunately you will have potential competition in every sale. Competition can come in the form of another jeweller or from the potential of your customer making no decision. If you put down your competition, you immediately put the customer on the defensive. Doing so may cost you the sale. Instead, praise the competition where they are strong and point out where your company outshines everyone else.

4 - Be a storyteller. This is where jewellery salespeople can really excel. You can tell a story on how you've helped other customers choose jewellery and surprise their loved ones. Or you can tell a story on the gemstone itself, look up our birthstone guide- we have stories behind all of the main gemstones, what they mean and the traditions - people love to be able to re-tell their story and greatly adds to the lure of a piece of jewellery. 

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5 - Slow down. Don’t rush your speech, the customer will feel rushed too and this is a quick way of losing the sale. Of course you want to keep them engaged so don’t go at a snail’s pace, be comfortable and confident, pretend you are talking to a customer you have known for years. Take time to build the relationship so that they truly feel that you're a credible resource, not a self-serving sales person.


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