Sales and Marketing Techniques to Generate Steady Sales All Year

sales-and-marketing.jpgI attended a webinar a few days ago, titled ‘Sales and Marketing for the Millionaire’s Club’. I used to be quite scathing about these things, but as a business owner I have found them not only to be very time and cost effective but most informative too. This latest webinar was about the latest sales and marketing techniques that already successful people use - and as we are currently knee deep in silly season. 

I listened extra hard to see if I could peel off any choice tips to pass on to you. I was searching for anything, magical or otherwise, a sound bite that I could pass on that would unlock the seemly unsurmountable world of sales and marketing to convert more leads into customers. Alas, this did not happen; forward planning, organisation and dedicated time per day and week is still the answer. But they did give insight into businesses to consumer sales – apparently most businesses in the UK only advertise at Christmas, in the hope that the revenue collected will make up for the rest of the year, but as they pointed out, wouldn’t it be better to put the same effort into marketing all year – to create a constant sales leads and conversions and not put so much pressure on the business and its staff for two months of the year? Who wouldn’t want to have a steady stream of customers all year?

So here are my tips, taken from the first part of the webinar. If followed, this could create the base of a marketing plan for your own business that will last for 12 months and not 2. It is basic Vision and Goal setting, which I keep getting advised is still one of the best tools to use in business.

1 - Take a look now at whatever sales and marketing tools you are using in the run up to Christmas – value each one after Christmas, and only keep those which have been effective.

2 - Once the effective sales and marketing techniques have been identified, there is no reason not to do them each and every month

3 - Set aside time every day, week or month to do your business marketing, get everyone in your business trained on your company’s marketing too – keep the constant flow going. You can’t dip in and out of sales and marketing, even when business is flowing well. Finding a pipe line of leads and turning them into sales on a regular basis is the only way a business will grow.

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