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sales and marketing techniques to generate steady sales all year
Inside Track - November 28, 2017

Sales and Marketing Techniques to Generate Steady Sales All Year

I attended a webinar a few days ago, titled ‘Sales and Marketing for the Millionaire’s Club’. I used to be quite scathing about these things, but as a business owner I have found them not only to be very time and cost effective but most informative too. This latest webinar was about the latest sales and marketing techniques that already successful people use - and as we are currently knee deep in...
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unique engagement and wedding rings to inspire you
Inside Track - November 21, 2017

Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings to Inspire You

Earlier this year wrote a piece about choosing an engagement ring for a man – where the buyer is thankfully not yet tied to social norms or conforming to what society says it must adhere to. Instead when buying an engagement or wedding ring for a man it entirely comes down to personality and finding the right piece that will match that personality.
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the buyer’s experience of custom-made engagement rings
Inside Track - November 21, 2017

The Buyer’s Experience of Custom-made Engagement Rings

Bespoke, personalised, original, one-off, unique – made to order, whatever synonym the customer chooses to use, they all mean the same thing, they want to buy a ring that doesn’t exist yet, and fingers crossed you are the jeweller to make it for them.
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baselworld’s shrinking
Inside Track - November 21, 2017

Baselworld’s Shrinking

According to a press release from Baselworld this week the 2018 show will have 100 less exhibitors, 3 halls will be closed for the duration of the show and the duration of the show will be shortened by 2 days and will run for six days instead. 
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customers complaining about your prices
Inside Track - October 16, 2017

Customers Complaining about your Prices

Haggling – while once an alien concept for consumers, especially in the UK, more and more customers are questioning/haggling the prices of jewellery. Perhaps because the high street seems to be trapped in a perpetual sale, or the hangover from the crash, or maybe this is the way selling is going.
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fashion trend predictions autumn/winter 2017
Inside Track - September 1, 2017

Fashion Trend Predictions Autumn/Winter 2017

What does fashion and fine jewellery have in common? Recently fashion and it’s seemly never-ending styles has been viewed as fast throwaway fashion, and with styling changing at breakneck speed it has been not just impossible for fine jewellery to keep up but to even want to. 
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how to close a sale with military precision
Inside Track - July 24, 2017

How to Close a Sale with Military Precision

Every sales person has their own technique - soft sell, hard sell, getting to know the customer, becoming your customers friend and confidant; all are valid approaches as long as they land that all important sale and encourages brand loyalty for your jewellery or watches from your customer. 
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tipping point for apple pay – great news for the jewellery industry
Inside Track - May 26, 2017

Tipping Point for Apple Pay – Great News for the Jewellery Industry

Apple Pay has now hit tipping point – meaning that the majority of tills in the UK can now accept mobile payments above £30, bringing the tech giant's vision of replacing the wallet a step closer. Good news indeed for the Jewellery industry, as there is no upper limit of spend with Apple Pay which makes the purchasing of higher ticket items much easier with this method of payment. 
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what size tablet suits you and your jewellery business?
Inside Track - May 8, 2017

What Size Tablet Suits You and Your Jewellery Business?

Statistics are showing that tablets are replaced on average once a year – to keep up with technology and due to them breaking so often by dropping them. Tablets like phones have a shelf life, and they need to be kept up to date – especially if you rely on it holding for hours on a single battery charge – so if you are true to the stats you could be looking at your next tablet right now. 
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the power of a newsletter
Inside Track - April 28, 2017

The Power of a Newsletter

Do you send your customers newsletters?  Statistics and surveys show that a regular newsletter, that is emailed directly to customers, remains one of the top tools to keep your customers loyal to your brand. By seeing regular contact from you keeps your jewellery or watch brand at the forefront of their minds, it reminds them of important events where they can come to you for gift buying. 
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