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Introducing Coloured Gemstones and Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Ask the average consumer to name a precious gemstone and the diamond will typically be the first stone mentioned. However, there are four stones that are generally given the 'gemstone' designation; white and fancy coloured diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

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By mentioning this to your customer, the white diamond is intermingled with the other coloured diamonds and gemstone options, which then naturally widens the imagination for the customer. By doing this it makes it far easier to then introduce the idea or concept of using a coloured gemstone in the place of the white diamond.


As a gemstone supplier, I am often dumbfounded when customers I speak to assume that diamonds are the most valuable of the gems.  You just need to pay attention to which stones attract the headlines in the news when auction season comes around.  Unless they are huge and flawless, diamonds often play second fiddle to rare red unheated rubies, exceptional royal blue Kashmir sapphires, no oil Colombian emeralds, Argyle pink diamonds, the list goes on....

By expanding your gemstone knowledge, the next engagement ring you sell might have a bit of colour in it and a bit of profit too.

hfg gemstone summary guide book

This guide aims to help you:

  • A brief understanding of gemstones and their properties
  • Some useful charts telling you what different stones of different sizes weigh. Ideal for estimating the the weight of stones when planning jewellery
  • Information of the durability of different stones. Good to know when choosing how to see them

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