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why new luxury brands are causing disruption
Daily Digest - November 24, 2017

Why New Luxury Brands are Causing Disruption

New brands and business models are disrupting all sectors, from Airbnb to Monzo to Netflix and Alibaba. The luxury sector is no different. New luxury brands are causing huge disruption in what was previously a much more exclusive brand club. Apple is as desirable as Cartier, or more so among millennials. 
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it's all in the name: luxury is about signalling status
Daily Digest - November 24, 2017

It's All in the Name: Luxury is About Signalling Status

Luxury has always been about signalling status. Therefore, as a concept it is always evolving as people’s ideas about what confers status change. From the opulent luxury of most of the 20th century, recent years seem to have shifted to less conspicuous forms of consumption. This presents a challenge to luxury brands. 
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michael kors holdings gross profit rose 7.2% in the latest quarter
Daily Digest - November 8, 2017

Michael Kors Holdings Gross Profit Rose 7.2% in the Latest Quarter

It's taken a while, but big American labels finally seem to get it: If you want to be a luxury brand, then you have to act like one. Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. reported Monday that gross profit rose 7.2 percent in the latest quarter from a year earlier. Its comparable sales fell 1.8 percent year-over-year -- hardly a blockbuster, but an improvement. 
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