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chinese delegates highjack microphone at kimberley process conference
Daily Digest - May 8, 2017

Chinese delegates highjack microphone at Kimberley Process Conference

Australia hosted the latest Kimberley Process conference last week on controlling conflict diamonds in Perth. However, the Chinese delegates attending the conference took umbrage over the inclusion of the Taiwanese delegations attendance at the conference - so they interrupted the opening ceremony, as a senior official was introducing Foreign Minister Julie Bishop by, highjacking the microphone...
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yellow diamonds to be mined again
Daily Digest - February 9, 2017

Yellow Diamonds to be mined again

Kimberly’s Ellendale mine, which at its peak produced half of the world’s yellow diamonds, may be about to reopen. All due to a cunning plan by Mines Minister Sean L’Estrange. And taxpayers could avoid up to $40 million of future environmental liabilities if Mines Minister Sean L'Estrange can attract a new operator.
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Daily Digest - January 6, 2017

"Blood Diamonds" policy obscures rights abuses in DRC

'Blood diamonds' policy obscures rights abuses in DRC
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