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shropshire piano gold coin hoard declared treasure
Daily Digest - April 21, 2017

Shropshire piano gold coin hoard declared treasure

Last year, just before Christmas, the largest hoard of gold sovereigns in Britain, found hidden in an old piano, has been declared treasure.
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tanks a bullion
Daily Digest - April 13, 2017

Tanks a Bullion

A tank collector - yes apparently they do exist, paid £30,000 on ebay for this latest tank – and found $2.5 Million In gold hidden inside.
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are you standing on a gold mine?
Daily Digest - February 9, 2017

Are you standing on a gold mine?

If you own your own jewellery making studio, take another look at your old carpet, and don’t whatever you do throw it away – it could be worth a fortune!
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two years after hatton garden raid woman realises she's missing £7m gold
Daily Digest - January 6, 2017

Two Years after Hatton Garden Raid Woman Realises she's missing £7m gold

Nearly 2 years after the infamous Hatton Garden Heist, a London woman has realised that her safety deposit box, containing £7million worth of gold, was emptied. This brings the value of the stolen goods up to £21m. The woman claimed one of her safety deposit boxes had been stolen and she only realised it was missing after the trial of the gang who carried out the April 2015 raid.
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