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october's birthstones
Daily Digest - October 16, 2017

October's Birthstones

Those with a special date to celebrate in October have two beautiful stones to choose from, Opal and Tourmaline, each presenting limitless opportunity for choice of colour as each come in a kaleidoscope of colours – all more stunning than the next.
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sumptuous sapphire - september's birthstone
Daily Digest - September 1, 2017

Sumptuous Sapphire - September's Birthstone

Sapphires – especially when they come in blue, have been gaining in popularity for years. Their unique beauty has been tantalising jewellery lovers all over the world. Sapphires come in all hues, from colourless to yellow, pink and of course, it’s very famous blue colour. Even blue sapphires themselves come in almost every blue, from very pale blue right through to vibrant purplish blue. But as a...
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august's birthstones
Daily Digest - August 2, 2017

August's Birthstones

August has now copied June and December as the only months represented by three gems.
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radiant ruby for july’s birthstone
Daily Digest - July 7, 2017

Radiant Ruby for July’s Birthstone

Ah, the stunning ruby, the king of gems that radiates warmth and vitality and when worn represents love, health and wisdom. Ruby has been a very popular gemstone since antiquity, and is one of the most historically significant coloured gemstones. The ruby has now entered a new era of popularity with many people opting for this romantic stone as an alternative from diamonds in their wedding...
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