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The Emerald Renaissance

Haruni emerald.jpgThe popularity of coloured precious gemstones is nothing new; blue, pink and yellow diamonds, plus rubies and sapphires have seen their popularity grow year on year for the past decade. But now it’s the time for the mighty emerald.

emerald green haruni.png

Pantone named the colour for 2017 as 'greenery', and never have they been more accurate with their colour choice, green is definitely the colour to been seen wearing. 

emerald haruni gems.png

emerald it is.jpgThis sale, not only due to the record price but the who bought it, has firmly cemented the emerald revolution. Because, by buying this famous rock, Harry Winston has confirmed that emeralds are back in fashion and back in demand. And if Harry Winston says this – who are we to argue?
hfg gemstone summary guide book

This guide aims to help you:

  • A brief understanding of gemstones and their properties
  • Some useful charts telling you what different stones of different sizes weigh. Ideal for estimating the the weight of stones when planning jewellery
  • Information of the durability of different stones. Good to know when choosing how to see them

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