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October's Birthstones

Those with a special date to celebrate in October have two beautiful stones to choose from, Opal and Tourmaline, each presenting limitless opportunity for choice of colour as each come in a kaleidoscope of colours – all more stunning than the next.

opal ring.jpgThe Opal means to see a change in colour – a perfect name for this glorious gemstone. The opal however, unlike other gemstones has endured many negative and evil superstitions attached to them. Once prized only second to the emerald in popularity, the opal fell out of favour once again, due to a novel written in 1829, where the opal changed colour to indicate moods of the heroine, then capitalising on the suspicion diamond traders are blamed for spreading the story that if you wore the opal and it wasn’t your birthstone it would be bad luck.


All nonsense of course, but unfortunately because of this this stunning and very versatile stone remained unused in jewellery for quite some time. Now, the opal is back in fashion and very much sought after. But it’s not all been negative, both the Greeks and the Romans gave the opal to their loved ones as a sign of good luck. In its white form, the Romans dubbed it the “Cupid Stone” because it suggested the clear complexion of the god of love. But regardless of its chequered past, the opal is back in favour, perhaps because it is truly one of the most mysterious gemstones in the world.

tourmaline-graphic.jpgThe Tourmaline is the other birthstone for October. Traditionally the pink version of this beautiful stone is attached to this month, but perhaps due to the fact that tourmaline comes in an array of amazing colours, and people are hunting for more colours in their jewellery, the tourmaline in any hue can be used for the October birthstone. Traditionally tourmaline is the stone of poets and teachers as it was believed to deliver the wearer insight, plus improve intelligence and patience. Alchemists loved this stone too – linking it to the philosophers’ stone.

Multi-colour tourmaline earrings by Caroline C_preview.jpegBoth the Tourmaline and Opal come in many price points, so they are perfect for any customer, no matter what colour the customer prefers, and owning one does not depend on the depth of one’s pockets. However, both gemstones can be found and are used in fine jewellery too. Perhaps October’s birthstones should be dubbed the jewellers’ birthstone due to the vast versatility of these amazing gemstones.

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