Why the Royal Engagement is Good News for Bespoke Jewellers

meghan engagement ring.pngOn the romance scale of 1-10, the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that hit the headlines this week is hitting 1,000,000! Images are everywhere on both sides of the pond, as British Royalty and an American TV celebrity are going to seal their own special relationship.

But it’s the ring that is all important in any engagement, which will bring so much good cheer to bespoke jewellers everywhere. Not only did Prince Harry design his own, which will spark the idea for more men to do this, he’s used family jewels – which admittedly the royals have been doing for generations, but he’s added a stone that has special significance to them; a diamond from Botswana, which is where they fell in love.

This, is the recipe for any jeweller to create a bespoke engagement ring for the bride to be. Yes, the exact style and setting of Meghan’s engagement ring will be emulated across the globe, but so too will the sentiment that created her ring in the first place. Has Harry unwittingly chosen to create the engagement ring from the three highest emerging ring fashion trends by accident or advice?

We will never know. But what the jewellery industry will undoubtedly experience in the coming weeks months and years is more people wanting to have their own bespoke wedding jewellery created and they will want to use a stone that has special significance to them. And if you need convincing of this; look to Princess Catherine’s engagement ring – the rise in sapphires, style of her ring and even the colour blue has risen to epic proportions, so much so its termed, “The Kate Middleton effect.”

So, brace yourselves, the jewellery industry is about to experience the “Meghan Markle effect” and it’s just in time for Christmas Eve – currently the most popular time to get engaged in the UK and the states!

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