December Birthstones

Embrace the blues this winter with the three December birthstones: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise – with all three best known for the stunning shades of blue that they can come in. Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth, and one of the first stones to be mined and used in jewellery.  Zircon can come in many assorted colours, but blue is the overwhelming favourite.

zircon gia.jpgZircon isn’t quite so well used in jewellery as the other two birthstones, but if your customer is a fan of history or geology this stone will be perfect. The oldest Zircon ever discovered was found in Australia, and dated at 4.4 billion years old, beating the diamond by 1.1 million years as the oldest diamonds are dated at 3.3 billion years. It is believed that zircon has the power to guard travellers, prevent nightmares and relieve pain.

victorain turquoise ring-1.jpgTurquoise, a favourite in the Victorian era and used as an amulet of protection in ancient times. The blue Turquoise ranges from pastel to bright blue green.

A much-loved stone among history lovers as turquoise was used from the Aztecs to the Persians to the Egyptians, who even used it decorate Tutankhamen’s tomb. Turquoise was believed to hold powers of protection from misfortune, and to ward off the evil eye.

Turquoise is finding new fame again with the fashion of vintage jewellery and vintage jewellery designs, this stunning stone was heavily used in both Victorian and Edwardian times, and a firm favourite of Queen Victoria who gave her bridesmaids turquoise embellished brooches as gifts.

tanzanite.jpgTanzanite, which is a relatively new stone on the block as it was only discovered recently. It rose in popularity after Tiffany & Co created magnificent pieces to showcase this stone. But even this newly discovered stone has already had powerful properties attributed to it as it’s a firm favourite of mediums and clairvoyance. This stone would be perfect for a customer who was in counselling or helping those with emotional trauma as Tanzanite is believed to help clarify thoughts and help with those with emotional trauma

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