August's Birthstones

August has now copied June and December as the only months represented by three gems.

sardonyx-cabochon.jpgSardonyx was the original birthstone, a type of onyx, is a reddish-brown stone with a white banding. And while the Sardonyx can and is used in jewellery - it’s in the onyx family so sits in the 6.5-7 on the mohs scale, the other two gemstones the peridot and now the new gemstone on the August birthstone block – the stunning spinel, are both already recognised and readily use in fine jewellery.

The Peridot gemstone – which is also given on the 16th anniversary of marriage - is 7 on the pakistan-green-peridot-trillion-king-stone-gems-150434a.jpgMohs scale – with its signature bright lime green hues. Peridot is perfect not only for this month, with its summery bright green tones but for 2017 and beyond as green, and all green stones are gaining in such popularity that a freight train couldn’t put a halt to this green trend. Peridot gives the wearer strength and aids friendship. Peridot with bringing happiness and good cheer, attracting lovers, and strengthening the eyes.

Cleopatra is famous for liking emeralds, an adorned herself and palaces with them, however, historians now believe that many of those emeralds were actually peridot – the finest examples of this stone when mined are from Egypt and Burma.

spinel mixed.jpgSpinel is the latest gemstone to be added to the August birthstones – and what a glorious stone this is. It has been called the great impostor of the gemstone world, being that is has been mistaken for many other gemstones, it sits at 8 on the Mohs scale, and is very popular in fine jewellery. Spinel in deep red is the most desirable and expensive hue for this gemstone, but it can also come in deep blue, bright pink and bright orange, black, turquoise, violet, pale pink, mauve, yellow or brown. Making spinel the perfect choice for someone who wants to wear a birthstone but wants to choose a colour that suits them best.

Spinel is believed to deliver calm and blocks negativity, it’s also boost for inner vitality and stamina to overcome energy-sapping health issues of all kinds.
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